Review Policy

I would be happy to review requests from publishers or published authors (I am not reviewing self-published work at this time). I am also open to giveaways, interviews and other types of promotions. You can contact me, send requests and questions, to

I accept e-books, paper copies (in the form of ARCs and published books). If the book you are requesting a review for is part of a series and is not the first book in the series, it would be helpful if the earlier books in that series were sent to me as well.

I write fair and honest reviews, so this does not necessarily mean I will always write positive reviews. The reviews are my own opinions and thoughts, and will reflect these whether they are positive or negative. I like to mention and note positives and negatives of the book in the review, and especially try to thoroughly explain my constructive criticism and why I did not like the book in a negative review.

Genres I Read                                                

You may want to go to my TBR List to not only to see what peeks my interests and get a feel for what types of books I tend to read and am planning on reading, but also to see if your book is on my list.

I read book YA and adult books, in the following genres:
Paranormal (especially Paranormal Romance)
Historical fiction
Science-fiction (limited)
Thrillers (limited)

Genres I do not tend to enjoy or read:
Christian fiction

Accepting Books and Replies                            

I make an effort to reply to requests as soon as they are received, and a reply should be received within a 24-hour time frame.

I will make every effort to read and review the books I receive in a timely fashion, between 3-6 weeks, as given current wait time. In the case of a book in a series, it may take longer than this time frame if earlier books in said series have to be received and read first.

Upon completing writing my review, I will send you the review before publishing it and putting it on my blog and Goodreads. It will note the date the review will be published and give the exact URL link for where it will be published.

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