Monday, November 15, 2010

Fade (Wake Trilogy #2) by Lisa McMann

Fade (Wake Trilogy #2) by Lisa McMann

While still maintaining her relationship with Cabel under raps, Janie has been asked to join the police force as a “narc,” and discover a sexual predator that is Fieldberg (??) high school. Although Cabel is adamantly against Janie’s involvement in discovering and catching the sexual predator that is lurking in the high school, Janie is determined to be able to help to the best of her ability. Through her dream-catcher skills and “field work” in her high school classes, Janie discovers there are is more than meets the eye to not only one of the most popular teachers in the school, but also involves multiple other school teachers as well in the sexual predator / assaulting scandal that is occurring within the high school. Along with all this drama at school and covert police work, Janie discovers more about her dream-catching future through police records and personal records left behind from Miss Stubin for her future dream-catcher predecessor. From Miss Stubins’ records, Janie does not have a hopeful, or healthy future ahead of her – the signs of which are already becoming present with her going blind and numb/ paralyzed for a time after exiting a dream.

I thought this book, the second in the Wake trilogy, was written well and the story was interesting. It kept the suspense throughout the story, as the reader and Janie are trying to determine who the sexual predator that lurks the school is, and uncovers some other nasty truths along with revelations Janie discovers at a hosted party for the advanced chemistry students at the teacher’s house, even though she herself was unwittingly drugged in a very inconspicuous way. I really thought that Ms. McMann did an excellent job keeping the reader in suspense, especially with the extent of the sexual predators that are lurking within Janie’s high school. I also liked the seeing the unfolding development of Janie and Cabel’s relationship; though I would have more appreciated it if Ms. McMann went into a bit more detail with their relationship, especially the physical aspects ( we are only given the most vague description of the first sexual encounter between Cabel and Janie, when I really wanted a bit more of  “leads up to it and end scene”.) But, being a YA novel, I guess I was sort of assuming that this would happen. Overall, I thought the book was very well written, kept the reader in suspense and interested throughout it, and a very good sequel to Wake.

Rating: 3/5 Stars.

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