Monday, November 15, 2010

Gone (Wake Trilogy #3) by Lisa McMann

Gone (Wake Trilogy #3) 
by Lisa McMann


In this final book in the Wake trilogy by Lisa McMann, things do not get any easier or peachy-keen for Janie. Janie deals with the dilemma throughout the book about her future as a dream-catcher. After discovering her father on his deathbed and realizing his similar personal problems, Janie flip-flops back and forth throughout the book on whether to remain with Cabel and function normally in society and school, etc, OR to become a hermit, isolating herself from the world and dreams. Each choice has its pros and cons, as seen through Miss Stubin and Henry. On top of all this, Janie must continue dealing with her alcoholic mother, give up driving since there is a strong likelihood of her having an accident if she passes by a dreaming person, and then there is Cabel. Though Cabel is continuously reassuring Janie that he loves her no matter what and sticking through it all with her, his dreams tell Janie otherwise – that Cabel is unsure if he truly wants a future with Janie, knowing she will become blind and gnarled/crippled by her twenties.

While the book ends Janie’s story, I felt this book, the shortest of the three in the trilogy, was the weakest and least interesting of the books in the trilogy. Yes, we do find out what she decides ultimately at the end for her future and fate, but the book lacks the detail and suspense that was in the previous two books – which I think made them all the better. With this book, the sense of impending doom of Janie’s situation, no matter what future she decides for herself, is so prominent that I think it overshadows what could have been a better ending to the series.

Rating: 2/5 Stars.

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