Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fallen: Volume 1 (The Fallen & Leviathan) -- Review

The Fallen: Volume 1 (The Fallen & Leviathan) 
by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Aaron Corbet has just had his eighteenth birthday. Things are going relatively normal at school on this day - well, except for this massive painful headache he has through out his school day and during his job at a vet clinic. As soon as Aaron's headache becomes unbearable, it all of a sudden is gone.

And that's when strange things start to happen. Aaron begins to understand and speak any and every language (even dog's language much to the chagrin of his faithful Laborador, Gabriel). His developing powers as a Nephilim are attracting a few fallen angels to help him, but also have but him on The Power's radar, who seek him out to destroy the abomination that are Nephilim. Oh, and not to put any pressure on Aaron, but he is believed to be and expected to be "the prophesied ONE," the Nephilim who will act as a messenger and bridge between fallen angels on earth and God's will/Heaven, and will have the ability to admonish fallen angels so that they may be forgiven and return to Heaven.

While I liked The Fallen (the first part of The Fallen:Volume 1), I did not like the second part, Leviathan. It was not as engaging nor as interesting to read as The Fallen, and almost acted like a filler story. The only redeeming part of Leviathan I believe was that we find out more about what has happened to Stevie, Aaron's little brother. 

Rating: 2/5 Stars

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