Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fallen: Volume 2 (Aerie & Reckoning) -- Review

  The Fallen: Volume 2 (Aerie & Reckoning) 
by Thomas E. Sniegoski

** spoiler alert ** Sniegoski's "The Fallen: Volume 2 - Aerie & Reckoning" is the sequel (actually the third and fourth book in The Fallen series) to Volume 1.

I think that Volume 2 of this series is well written, in the sense that it does a good job of wrapping up the storyline; however, I think that the dialogue and plot was just way over the top cliche. Aaron is finally coming to terms with his status as a Nephillim, more specifically his status as "the prophesized one" who has the ability to act as a messenger of God and has the power to forgive fallen angels, allowing them to return to Heaven. After Aaron, Gabriel and Camael's last encounter with Verchiel, the commanding angel of The Powers (who is adamant to follow through with his mission to eliminate all nephillims from Earth), they stumble upon Aerie. Aerie is a hidden, always moving location that is a haven for fallen angels and nephillim. Meanwhile, Verchiel continues to plot - capturing Lucifer and tracking down the Malakim, angels who are essentially extensions of God on Earth. Verchiel methodically tracks down and kill the Malakim in order to retrieve from them forbidden knowledge that God has entrusted with them. Verchiel has taken the strikes from God as signs of appeasement with Verchiel's work and goals. Instead of doing God's bidding, Verchiel is serving his own goals. And in this book, he turns his attention to undoing the word of God, and release Hell from it's imprisonment inside Lucifer. Thus, Aaron's new goal and duty as the savior of fallen angels and nephillim is to prevent Verchiel from releasing Hell on all of humanity.

I thought the attempt at character development for Velma was weak, and would have rather learned more about Camael or Lucifer's past and wanderings on Earth. Overall, while I was content with the story and how things wrapped up, I can't rate this book more than 2 stars because of it's oversimplified dialogue. 

Rating: 2/5 Stars

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