Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Wicked Wolf by Brenda Williamson (18+over material)

A Wicked Wolf
by Brenda Williamson

Publication date: 11/13/10

Rating: 2 / 5 Stars

Thank you Netgalley and Red Sage Publishing for the ARC!

Synopsis (courtesy of Goodreads):

Real Estate agent Randi Brown works the rich crowd, selling high-priced homes. With her parents dead it’s up to her to financially support two teenage siblings and she wants to spread her wings by negotiating a billion dollar land deal. Only the landowner, a business mogul no one has seen in years isn’t interested in selling his mountain to a development corporation, and Randi sets out to change his mind any way possible, even if that means sleeping with the reclusive billionaire.

After two years, since his wife’s brutal murder, Nicholas "Nick" Wolfe prefers to mourn her than get involved in business. So he lives cut off from society on Wolfe Mountain. Through his attorney, he’s offered billions, but no one knows to what extent the value of the land is more than the inhabitants—the Lycans, human wolf-like animal shifters.

When Randi shows up on the mountain one rainy night, Nick tires to fight the desires of the wolf in him to take a mate. Unfortunately, nature has made it impossible to resist the animalistic urges strengthened by the influence of a full moon and the power of lust in this woman’s eyes. Can love know no bounds?

Randi has no idea of where this torrid affair can lead until she learns the gruesome details of a woman’s murder by a creature not quite human. Then she becomes the next target and she discovers how falling in love can lead to a fatal attack from a Lycan.


While I've read my fair share of paranormal romance books (and by that, I mean a lot of them), I found this one to be soo cliche and quite frankly, weird.  The sad thing is that I can totally see this being a script for a really bad, beastiality porno -- that kind of shallowness and using the characters really just as props for sex, with no character development. 
I did not like the main female character Randi. She was too "God I need sex, and when I need it, I am so going to get some." Seriously - does she have to be THAT horny and thinking of sex all the time -- I mean it automatically made me disconnect with the character because that is not how normal women think (majority anyway). And I did not like the constant subject of Randi ovulating, or as Nick was referring to it "a bitch in heat," and the constant urge he has to have sex with her just because of that, and oh, now that he's mated with her in almost every position and such, she is now his property as in she is his mate for life.

I thought that the sex scenes were really hot, if you didn't take into account that Nick is half-beast while taking her. It did justice to the erotica genre with its involvement of bdsm and bondage -- but definitely did NOT do it justice with the involvement of beastiality and Nick's constant referring of Randi as his dead wife. Those elements were just plain creepy. There is a similar sex scene with such beastiality in one of Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake books, but it was much more suave and not as weird/creepy as the scenes in this book were.

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